Protect the Pacific Ocean

EWA protects the Pacific Ocean by providing highly reliable water treatment and ocean delivery infrastructure. Protecting our coastline is essential to maintaining the local economy and our quality of life. Specifically, EWA’s facilities and committed workforce help ensure that the local ocean environment is safe for marine life, swimming, and fishing.

10 Simple Ways to Protect the Ocean

sq-splash-4The Encina Water Pollution Control Facility (EWPCF) treats about 22 million gallons per day (MGD) of wastewater, with a capacity of over 40 MGD.  The wastewater is collected from six communities in North San Diego County, relying on gravity and active pumping.  EWA’s commitment is to meet or exceed the requirements of its ocean-discharge permit 24-hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.  This is demonstrated by over 3,000 consecutive days of compliance.

Maintenance 1The Encina Water Pollution Control Facility (EWPCF) is an industrial plant comprised of complex mechanical and electrical systems. These systems must function reliably to ensure that treated water is safe for ocean discharge and for producing recycled water. Optimal performance does not happen by accident, but requires a comprehensive system of proactive maintenance.

sq-kennyTreated wastewater from the Encina Water Pollution Control Facility is discharged to the Pacific Ocean through the Encina Ocean Outfall (EOO), which extends approximately 1.5 miles offshore to a depth of about 150 feet.  The EOO consists of an original 5,500 foot section of 48-inch reinforced concrete pipe that was completed in 1965 and a 2,300 foot section of 72-inch reinforced concrete pipe that was added in 1974.  The last 800 feet of the outfall contains 138 diffuser ports at 12-foot intervals for the purpose of dispersing treated wastewater flow.  

Source ControlEWA maintains a Source Control Program as required by the Clean Water Act. The purpose of this program is to reduce pollutants coming from industry and other sources in the community. Controlling pollution at the source protects the collection system and treatment plant, helps to guarantee compliance with EWA’s ocean discharge permit, and ensures that solids and treated water can be recycled.

As an environmental leader, EWA provides reliable and fiscally responsible wastewater services to the communities we serve while optimizing the use of renewable resources.

Together, we are a model of excellence and innovation.


  • CWEA San Diego Section - Plant of the Year
  • EPA Green Power Partner
  • NACWA Peak Performance Award
  • Government Financial Officers
         Association CAFR Award

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