Source Control Program

Source ControlEWA maintains a Source Control Program as required by the Clean Water Act. The purpose of this program is to reduce pollutants coming from industry and other sources in the community. Controlling pollution at the source protects the collection system and treatment plant, helps to guarantee compliance with EWA’s ocean discharge permit, and ensures that solids and treated water can be recycled.

Regulated industries are issued wastewater discharge permits that limit the amount of pollutants they can discharge.  If they cannot meet the discharge standards, they are required to install pretreatment equipment to reduce the level of pollutants.  Source Control Program staff conduct at least annual inspections of each industry and quarterly sampling of their effluent to determine if they are in compliance with their permit.   Enforcement actions are taken in response to noncompliance and may include: issuing a Notice of Violation with fines; requiring the installation of additional pretreatment equipment; increasing the frequency of monitoring; suspending an industry’s discharge permit; and terminating sewer service.

The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board conducts annual audits of EWA’s Source Control Program.  Audit findings state that EWA’s Program is “consistent with USEPA regulations and appears to be an effective program.”  This is further demonstrated by the fact that there were no violations of EWA’s ocean discharge permit that were caused by industrial dischargers.

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Class I/II/III Permits

Best Management Practice (BMP) Permits and Requirements

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